Is Shia's Granola Organic?

No. While our ingredients are not certified organic, we still source the finest ingredients in our granolas without any fillers, artificial preservaties, colouring or flavouring into our products.

Do you offer Gluten Free Granolas?

No. Wheat germ is one of our ingredients.

Is your Granola Halal?

Shia’s Granola is not certified halal but we do not use pork or any meat products in our ingredients.

Do you accept orders outside of Penang?

Yes, we do deliver our products within Malaysia. We are in the midst of expanding our distribution channels to Kuala Lumpur and to other major cities.

What makes Shia's Granola special?

Unlike other granolas our there, we are very particular over what goes into our granolas. We want our products to use only the finest ingredients without any fillers, preservatives and flavouring. On top of that, we undertand that most granolas out there are high in calories, sugar and fat. Shia’s Granola recipe uses only vegetable oil (No palm oil), with less sugar and fats. Try them and you will notice the difference.

How do I order online?

You will receive an email with the final shipping cost and payment details from us within 1-2 working days after you’ve placed your order online. We currently accept fund transfer or cash deposit into our account. We will only process your order once payment is made.