The humble story behind Shia’s Granola

The founders, Alishia & Ke Wynn at their Granola Cafe

This is Our Story

The name Shia from Shia’s Granola was named after the founder, Alishia. Alishia, a graduate in Arts & Design had a short stint in the F&B industry with her father, when they opened a family cafe during her high school years. She was the designated “baker” in the business and she took up a baking course to further improve on her baking skills. She has since baked and sold cookies and pastries during festive seasons. Alishia has a keen interest in fitness too. While freelancing as a graphic designer upon graduating, she was also a group class instructor at a popular gym in Penang.

Shia’s Granola started when Alishia’s husband and business partner, Ke Wynn consumed a lot of granola bought from the supermarket to fuel his grueling workouts and races. It was then when Alishia decided to bake granola for him instead of spending money buying commercial granola that were too sweet and filled with preservatives. It was that moment when friends and family started ordering granola from her after sampling it. Alishia started selling granola to close friends and family in 2013, thus, Shia’s Granola was officially incorporated.


Ke Wynn is a certified Personal Trainer specializing in Corrective Exercise. Both Alishia and Ke Wynn has always advocated healthy eating in moderation while staying active. Together, Shia’s Granola has helped organize community workouts such as Tabata and HIIT classes for the public.


Ke Wynn has helped Alishia when it comes to nutrition. Molasses, agave, honey or any form of natural sweeteners are still sugar. They may have different nutritional values but they still have similar side effects of sugar. This is why we simply use less sugar and less oil in our products. Our granola also contains more nuts and seeds to increase its nutritional value. We try to keep our products simple and nutritious while keeping our cost low by managing production and wastage.


Shia’s Granola modestly started from the kitchen of our home and our business is entirely self funded. As a couple with a young daughter, resources were limited and we had to build everything from scratch with our sleeves folded. When we first had our tiny store front of about 300 sqft in Georgetown, renovation was mostly done by hand. Decors were mostly DIY with the help of her parents. Even our packaging and designs were done in house. We had to grow our business organically by selling quality products and by relying on word of mouth. We started the Granola Cafe concept in 2016 to help educate customers on the different ways of eating granola. This strategy has helped us put a foot hold in the F&B industry by serving healthy food and snacks here in Penang. In 2017, we launched our online store and started delivering orders nation wide. We hope that new opportunities will continue to open up for us and we are excited for our future in the retail and F&B industry.